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uesoft corporation is a leading developer of windows-cad-based plant design software and 3d data cad/cae integrated design and simulation platform, and it is also the earliest 3d piping cad/cae integrated software developer in the asia pacific regions. uesoft developed the pipeline stress analysis software named autopsa that ranked the top 2 in the chinese market.uesoft is the creator of the next generation of 3d data cad/cae integrated design and simulation platform. the company offers a complete set of integrated products for equipment, piping, hanger and support,hvac, cable tray, architecture,structure, and instrumentation design, pipe stress analysis, plant design management system, hydraulic analysis, water hammer calculation, thermodynamic properties calculation for water and steam(ifc-67,iapws-95,iapws-if97). by july 2016,uesoft corporation has over 5,000 users and over 520 clients, and controls a 50% share of the value priced piping hanger and support design software market and a 22% share of piping stress analysis software market in china.
uesoft corporation maintains a network of more than 0 resellers in china, supported by direct sales, major account, and technical personnel located in field offices throughout northeastern china, central china, southern and southwestern china. the company has a rigorous dealer program in place to ensure quality software support, training, and implementation by the resellers.

the autopdms is a 3d graphics and simulation toolkit developed by uesoft since 2006, used by application developers and users in fields such as cad, cae, modelling, visual simulation, virtual reality, industrial or scientific visualization. written entirely in standard c , stl, boost, mfc and objectarx,zrx,grx, it runs on autocad,zwcad,gstarcad and all windows platforms, orother operating systems in the future. the autopdms is now established as one of project data management system technology, used in the visual simulation, space, scientific, oil-gas, power, energy,petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, power generation,iron and steel, construction, various other industries or customer markets.

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